Congratulation! You just accessed page we are offering you impressive decorative embroidery with pictures and text, which can surprise your friends, relatives, or business clients. Our company deals with machine embroidery since 2007. We are experienced with half automatic embroidery on well-known brand Brother. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to sew the customer's logo on any textile product, such as: cotton T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, work wear - combines kits, aprons, but also as decorative pillows, table cloths and home accessories etc. To make your logo image we just need jpg, bmp, png, or similar format layout, which should be implemented into an embroidery Brother software program. To achieve the perfect shape of the individual stitches embroidery we are finishing designs manually. We use a wide range of color threads Marathon brand, that are resistant to chemicals and high temperatures washing procedures. We can process a small series, but even one piece. The creation of the program is very sophisticated and therefore extra charged. For professionals we are offering a programming algorithm (compilation) for your sewing machine, based on your requirement and without need of test embroidery.